“Integration : what does it mean for you? “: Arad creativity contest results

The competition launched last 2nd April with the title “Integration : what does it mean for you?” it ended with the award ceremony on June 30th, on the occasion of the first meeting of the newly elected local council of Municipality of Arad.
This first creativity contest edition was dedicated to posters and had 2 sections: graphic design and hand design.
The first prize was chosen by the web and it was assigned to Razvan Christian, 18 years- old and student at the National College ” Elena Ghiba Birta “.
The winner will join project partners in Pforzheim to participate with EASYTOWNS team at the project meeting.

To know more about the winners see the link

Here you can find some local articles about creativity contest and the award ceremony: 1 2 4 5 6

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