Creative Rijeka: children film maker

Members of the student organization “Dignitas” organized a media workshop for primary school children.
The workshop had a twofold objective: on one hand it aimed to involve children in film and video games making, and on the other hand it aimed to discuss integration, multiculturalism and tolerance issues.

All films created during the workshop talk about integration, multiculturalism and tolerance.
Thanks to active involvement in video making, children have learnt a lot about these concepts.
Before making films we deepened these issues by conversations during which their point of view emerged and their mischief to such themes could show up on film.
The workshop was held from 21 to 25.03.2016 in the area elementary school Zamet.
In the first two days we deal with theoretical knowledge about the movie – the goal was to teach children the basic film making terminology. In these two days, participants received and wrote first scripts that were recorded following days. The workshop went on with a more practical approach – the children received improvisational tasks and concentration exercises that they were prepared for the upcoming recording

Films made in the workshop will be shown in the Art Cinema in May, where the children will present their work. In addition to the Art Cinema, films will be reported at several festivals dedicated to young.
All films will also be available for online viewing via Youtube’s : here


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