4th Transnational Meeting, 22nd – 25th March, 2017 @Gozo, Malta


The Mikiel Anton Vassalli College hosted  around 40 delegates to the fourth transnational EASY TOWNS event, held on March 22nd – 25th 2017 in Gozo (Malta).

Participants, from municipalities in Italy, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, N. Ireland and Croatia joined forces with local educators and NGOs and shared good practices on how each worked with young people to address issues related to themes of immigration, multiculturalism and integration, through innovative approaches.

Read more about the event in the articles publisehd by Gozo News.com “Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through Education”

Have a look at the meeting pictures below and in our Facebook page Easytown Vicenza !!

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