4th Transnational event…GOZO we are coming


The fourth transnational EASY TOWNS event will take place in Gozo, Malta during 22nd – 25th March, 2017.

Through the “creativity contest” tool, students from state schools in Gozo were invited to express visually their feelings, needs, requirements and suggestions on the topic of diversity.
These drawings were then put together in a collage and a sticker was created depicting all the entries. This sticker has now been installed on the Education Bus
depicting the words: “Celebrating Diversity”.

A programme has been prepared specifically on the topic of “Making a difference: Embracing Diversity and Celebrating Communities through Education”. As part of the event, the hosting partner is organising a seminar on Friday the 24th March 2017 at the Calypso Hotel in Marsalforn.

Stay tuned and we will bring you with us in the beautiful Gozo with pictures and reporting stories at the end of those beautiful days… here’s the programme Information and Programme, Easy Towns, Gozo, Malta 16 March 2017

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